Kayaking Vacation and Day Trips in Belize

Kayaking Trips on the Macal and Mopan Rivers are great fun from our Jungle Lodge. We offer a variety of Kayaking Trips and Adventures with instructional assistance to beginners, and excitement for people with all levels of Kayaking experience. Kayaking Day Trip is available from our Jungle Lodge or as a Kayaking Trip from Belize City

Kayaking Trip – Clarissa Run Adventure Day Trip

This exciting half day Kayaking Vacation Trip on the Mopan River run ending at Calla Creek is loaded with class 2 and 3 runs. Between the rapids, this stretch of river offers the tranquility of lush rainforest, vibrant flora and active fauna that you expect to encounter in a sensitive intact eco-system. Half Day Kayaking Trip.
Kayaking Trip – Paslow Falls Adventure Day Trip

This longer Mopan River Kayaking run combines the Clarissa run with Paslow Falls arriving in Bullet Tree Falls Village. This is a full Kayaking Day Trip combining rapids with plenty of calm water. the first part of the Kayaking trip includes lunch at Clarissa Falls Resort where you will swim below Clarissa Falls. From there you will embark on a Full Day Kayaking Vacation Adventure.

Kayaking Trip – Vaca Falls Adventure Day Trip

The Extreme Kayaking River Vacation Adventure for rapid enthusiasts and water fall lovers. The Vaca Falls Kayaking run is a stretch on the upper Macal River where you will awe in the natural beauty of the landscape and intact eco-system. This pristine river passes through remote and exceptionally impressive areas of the Maya Mountains where few venture. Full Day Kayaking Trip.

Kayaking Adventure Day Trip : Pricing

Description USD per person
Half Day Trip Clarissa Run Kayaking, including lunch $80
Full Day Trip Paslow Falls Kayaking, including lunch $95
Full Day Trip Vaca Falls Kayaking, including lunch $105
Day Trip from Belize City, including lunch email us

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