Caracol Mayan Temples

Covering 30 miles of thick Jungle and only discovered in 1938. At its peak in 700AD this site has numerous pyramids, 5 Plazas, 2 ball courts and an ancient astronomic observatory

Currently in the state of excavation and restoration Caracol is the largest known Maya center in Belize. The largest pyramid in Caracol, “Canaa” (Sky Place), rises 143 feet high, making it is the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize. Since Caracol is located in the Chiquibul Rain Forest, there is a plethora of flora and fauna to enhance the true beauty of this magnificent Maya center

Caracol Day Trip

The ruins of Caracol are located in the Vaca Plateau of the Cayo District. Caracol Camp, adjacent to the ruins, is located at approximately Mile 46 of the Chiquibul Road which connects the Western Highway with the western slopes of the Maya Mountains. This is a full Day Trip with a Registered Tour Guide.

Caracol Mayan Temples Day Trip : Pricing

Description USD per person
Day Trip from the Belize Jungle Dome, including lunch $125
Day Trip from Belize City, including lunch email us